Member Testimonials

Lynn Lucas

"Riding with “soft eyes” solves problems before they develop, in the ring and especially on the trail.”

  Katie Stevenson

“CR changed my perspective on riding as the foundation for all disciplines of horseback riding. My balance is greatly improved using the four basics.”

  Trudy Whitmeyer (age 87)

“I can still ride the steep trails with my grandson, thanks to using CR techniques.”

  Annamaria Kettner

"Centered Riding has given me so much support and confidence: from trotting ground poles to maneuvering down steep rocky terrain to swimming bareback."

  Mary Ellen Pirozzoli

"I can apply the principles of Centered Riding to any style of riding or ground work I choose. Visualizing holding ice cream cones upright in a schooling show or dragging my alligator tail when my horse gets jittery on the trail never fails to work.”

Mary Trafford

Centered Riding is truly life changing. Wisdom, kindness, and harmony underpin Sally Swift’s teachings. Most important, the horse agrees, too! Result: happy rider, happy horse!