Committee Chairs

Administrative P&P:  Centered Riding Executive Office

Communications: Mary Trafford

European Liaison: Lotta Mansson-Soderstrom

Finance: Brenda Messick

Grievance Resolution: Sue Hughes

Level II Applications: Dorothy Crosby

Level IV Advisory Committee: Gail Field

Liaisons and Regional Representatives: Sue Falkner-March and Peggy S. Brown

Marketing: Paula Ohlin

Nominations: Carol O'Donnell Wilson

Promotion Fund Committee:  Ursula Turtiainen 

Publications and Newsletter: Kathy Culler and Mary Trafford

Scholarship: Susan Leffler

Social Media Task Force: Catherine Gratzl

Symposium: Gabriele Vocke

Trademark Infringement: Regina Liberatore and Ruthi Damman Co-Chair - European Representative

Website: Stephanie Barberra