Centered Riding Symposium

Every 2 years, Centered Riding holds an international symposium for Centered Riding (CR) members and anyone interested in Centered Riding. This symposium alternates between the US (once every 4 years) and Europe (once every 4 years). This symposium is an educational event, meant to network, share ideas, learn about new topics and meet colleagues from all over the world. The Symposium is also where the CR Annual General Meeting takes place.

The Symposium is organized by members of the Symposium committee, which is a group of volunteer CR members. Previous symposia have taken place in the US, Vienna and the Netherlands.

During a symposium, both CR members and non-members are welcome to come watch, listen and participate in inspiring CR-related demo's, workshops and lectures.

The next symposium is meant to take place in Europe in 2019. We invite members who are interested in hosting this symposium in their country, to write a proposal for the organization of this symposium. This proposal should be submitted to the Board of Trustees via the CR office before the 31st of October 2017. You can contact the CR office for more information regarding how to write the Symposium Proposal.