Become a CR instructor

Join the Growing Ranks of Centered Riding® Instructors

The demand for Centered Riding Instructors is growing steadily, with requests for Certified Centered Riding Instructors coming into the website from around the world. Become a Centered Riding Instructor and learn how to use Centered Riding techniques to help your students become effective riders more quickly - and the horses really love it!


  • Must be 18 years old at the time of certification.
  • Must have a minimum of one year experience in teaching riding (need not be employed as a full-time riding instructor.)
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate are strongly recommended.
  • Able to ride all 3 gaits (walk, trot and canter/lope) in balance in a group lesson.
  • Have participated in a minimum of one Open CR 2-3 day clinic or two or more 1-day Open CR clinics (use our clinic search form to find a suitable clinic.)

  • Have been a student rider at a CR Instructor Course or Update Clinic, with a recommendation from the Clinician or assisting Apprentice to take the CR Instructor Course.
  • Have taken a minimum of 6 lessons from a Centered Riding Level III Clinician or 4 lessons from a Level IV Apprentice or Level IV Clinician, with a written recommendation to take the CR Instructor Course.
  • Accommodations for disabled instructors are made on a case-by-case basis.

CR Instructor Course Requirements

  • Must participate in all 7 days of the course and attend Parts 1 (3 days) and 2 (4 days) of the same course.
  • No more than one half-day of the course may be missed.
  • Centered Riding and Centered Riding 2: Further Exploration by Sally Swift are the required texts for the CR Instructor Course. Instructor candidates are expected to have read them and be familiar with their content by the end of the course. (Both books are available in many languages and the English version can be purchased through this website or the Centered Riding office.)
  • At the end of the course, successful candidates must fill out and submit the New Instructor Membership Form to the clinician and pay Instructor Level I Membership Dues.

Upon successful completion of the course, new instructors

  • Receive a Certificate as a Certified Centered Riding Instructor (mailed from the Centered Riding office.)
  • Receive a CR Instructor Record Book.
  • Are listed on the Centered Riding website as a Level I Centered Riding Instructor.
  • May advertise as a Centered Riding Instructor and that they teach using Centered Riding techniques.
  • May use the Centered Riding logo in advertising.
  • Will be listed in the Annual Directory of Centered Riding Instructors.
  • To maintain standing as a Certified Centered Riding Instructor, CR Instructor dues must be paid annually and the Instructor must participate in an Instructor Update Clinic within two years of the completion of the course, and then in accordance with the update policies.