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Upgrade Video Checklist (Level III)
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This checklist should help you to make sure that your Level III upgrade video is complete and meets upgrade requirements in CR Policies and Procedures.

            Video contains all required segments:

             Riding     (approx. 10 minute segment—narration not required)

                                         Riding at walk, trot and canter

                                          Shortening and lengthening stride

                                          Lateral movements such as leg-yield, shoulder-in

                                          Riding the horse through his back and on the bit

                                          Demonstrate the effect of having and losing the Centered Riding Basics (this                                             may be shown as a separate segment but it should include narration.)


            Groundwork  (approx. 10 minute segment) Group or individual, but group work is preferred.                                          Narration required)

            Body Work  and Saddle Balance  (approx. 10 minute segment) (narration required)

                                          Brief analysis of the rider and his/her body issues

                                          Demonstrate leg, hip, and/or arm/shoulder release to address rider’s issues

                                          Address balance and fit of saddle to allow for balanced & level pelvis


            Teaching   (voice required—must be able to hear what the instructor is teaching)   

                                          Private lesson  (approx 10 minute segment)

                                          Group lesson   (approx 10 minute segment)

            Other factors:

                           Video is a MAXIMUM of 60 minutes, in segments of approximately 10 minutes.

                           Video should show candidate teaching a group (either riding or groundwork) as in a clinic.

                           Candidates should present themselves as professional clinicians in regard to dress, equipment,                                horsemanship and safety.

                           Video must be clear, easy to hear and see what instructor is teaching and the effect on the                                riders and/or horse.

                           Teaching, groundwork and bodywork segments must be in English or have English voice-over,

                              or complete written transcript in English.

                           Video should be in a format that is easily uploaded to YouTube or a website for viewing. 


It is strongly suggested that you consult with a Level IV and have them review your video and Upgrade application to make sure it meets all requirements before submitting your application. Incomplete applications and/or videos that do not meet stated requirements will result in delay or denial of upgrade.



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