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Level II Upgrade Requirements checklist
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Application Process: 

Candidates must submit:

              Level II Upgrade Application form (available on CR website)

             Short essay (typed) stating why you want to and believe you are ready to upgrade to Level II

 □             2 Letters of Recommendation to Upgrade to Level II from Level IV Clinicians

              Resume (typed):  riding, teaching & Centered Riding education and experience

 □             Copy of pages from CR Instructor Record book with relevant education/clinics/lessons, etc. (Do not send Instructor Record Book.)

 □             Upgrade fee (see Application Form)

Documents are to be submitted to the Centered Riding Office (in English), to be processed by the Applications Committee. (It is preferred to submit all documents electronically as a PDF file.) Successful upgrade candidates must be approved by a majority vote of the Applications Committee.


Requirements to Upgrade to Level II:

  Has been a current Level I for a minimum of two (2) years

  Has attended a minimum of two (2) Instructor or All Level Update Clinics since becoming a Level I
  • Advancing as a CR Instructor is a process which requires time, development and experience, and cannot be hurried. It frequently requires more than two years and/or two Update Clinics before a candidate is ready to upgrade to Level II.
 Has worked with a minimum of two (2) Level IV Clinicians since becoming a Level I
  •   Working with three or more Level IV’s is recommended
 Has LORs from a minimum of two (2) Level IV Clinicians (a Level IV Apprentice may provide one of the LORs) who have seen him/her ride and teach within the past three years at level required for a Level II.

(Highly recommended, not required) Holds a current First Aid and CPR Certificate for his/her country


    Demonstrates s/he teaches from the center and is grounded
Can demonstrate Centered Riding techniques from the ground and when mounted

  Demonstrates good communication skills and ability to teach in different learning styles.


Rides effectively, in balance, all 3 gaits (walk, trot, canter), applying Centered Riding techniques and good use of self

   Rides with contact/connection to the bit (as appropriate for discipline and horse’s level of training);
rides horse "from back to front”
    Rides basic lateral movements such as leg-yield correctly

Demonstrates a working knowledge of classical training of horse and rider as applied to his/her discipline, and the application of Centered Riding to training the horse and rider in his/her discipline

 Has continued their education in their own discipline by taking lessons/clinics from specialists in their field,  not only from CR instructors


Body Awareness / Bodywork:
 Has continued education in body awareness by taking lessons from a qualified teacher of Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais Method, Yoga or Franklin Technique etc 

    Has completed a minimum of five (5) lessons, classes or hours in some modality of body awareness work  since becoming a Level I, including at least one session in Alexander Technique and one session in Tai Chi.  Further study in Alexander Technique and/or Tai Chi are strongly recommended.

  In bodywork, teaching, and riding, the candidate must demonstrate a basic understanding and application of the principles of Centered Riding bodywork, including "use of self," "first pupil/second pupil" and "awareness, inhibition and  allowing."

  • This should be considered by Level IV Clinicians when writing a LOR for upgrading to Level II.

Exemptions from riding requirements for applicants with physical inability to ride will be considered on a case by case basis. Documentation must support valid reason for instructor’s inability to ride. Candidate must be prepared to show s/he has had actual experience riding at the level required in the past.


Additional suggestions for education and professional development for instructors wishing to upgrade to Level II:

  •  Participate in Open Centered Riding Clinics with and/or take lessons from Level IV Instructors
  •  Assist at Centered Riding Clinics with Level IV Instructors
  •  Study various modalities of bodywork, e.g. Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, etc.
  •  Study human and equine anatomy and movement
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